100% People Powered!

While national progress may stall, Montgomery County residents have an opportunity to send a powerful message about political reform and responsive government.

Two years ago the County Council created a public election fund that makes it possible for candidates to run for office based strictly on their grassroots support.

This new, progressive system established a public election fund to MATCH local grassroots donations; it also puts responsible limits on individual contributions and outright bans donations from corporations and PACs.

I am choosing to run for re-election to the County Council under the reformed campaign system -- 100% people powered. Not only do I need your support to continue the success we have had working together, but also to send the powerful message that there is a real alternative to the status quo in politics.

Here is how it works for Council:

  • $5, campaign receives a total of $25
  • $25, campaign receives a total of $125
  • $50, campaign receives a total of $250
  • $100, campaign receives a total of $450
  • $150, campaign receives a total of $600

$150 is the max donation allowed. Non-County residents are also encouraged to join the 100% people-powered campaign and donate up to $150, though only contributions from county residents will be matched.

Hans Riemer


My Vision for Montgomery County

I love Montgomery County, the values we stand for and the community we are becoming. As parents to young boys, my wife Angela and I appreciate everything this county has to offer: beautiful neighborhoods, great schools, terrific parks, a diverse community and so much more. Yet Montgomery is constantly changing. I am running for re-election because I believe this county needs strong progressive leadership to meet that change and make us better. We need to make sure our public education system remains one of the best in the country. We need a healthy tax base and great jobs. We need high-quality, affordable child care. We need to protect streams and tree canopy. We need to build more public transportation and focus our future development around it. And we need to help everyone who lives here achieve their potential, regardless of who they are or where they are from.

I have worked hard on all these priorities, but so much more needs to be done. I'd like to work with you to reach these goals. That's why I am asking for your vote.