Montgomery County’s public schools and community college are among the finest in the nation. My highest priority is to make sure that they stay at the top by challenging all of our children to achieve their potential. Read more »

Child Care & Early Childhood
Child care is a problem for everyone. It’s not just the cost. It’s also difficult to find care that suits the differing needs of our families. As a parent of young kids, I live with these challenges every day. Read more »

Helping the Vulnerable
Montgomery County has a large population of vulnerable people. More than 60,000 county residents live in poverty. Over 16,000 households receive SNAP benefits (food assistance). And more than 100,000 people have no health insurance coverage. The county has a very large Health and Human Services budget to help people in need (currently $261 million) but I decided to do more. Read more »

Smarter Government
Montgomery County’s government is YOUR government. You live here. You pay our taxes. You pay the salaries of each and every public employee, including me. You have a right to know what your government is doing. And I have made protecting that right a central part of my work. Read more »

Protecting the Environment
Montgomery County has a long and valuable legacy of protecting our environment dating back to the creation of the Agricultural Reserve in 1980. I have voted for numerous bills to continue that legacy, including a new Water Quality Protection Charge to clean up the Chesapeake Bay, a five-cent bag fee to encourage the use of reusable bags, a bill to enhance our tree canopy and a bill to protect the county’s street trees. I am currently working with the Leggett administration on an initiative to plant more trees all across the county. Read more »

Economic Development
If we want to have great schools, excellent services, a high quality of life and good jobs for our residents, we have to have a vibrant tax base. Put simply, we need office buildings in order to pay for schools. That means we must pursue economic development. But we have never and will never compete by racing to the bottom. Instead, our challenge is to focus on our assets, market them and make smart, strategic choices on which industries to attract and retain. Read more »

Montgomery County is no longer purely a bedroom community for Washington DC. We are a growing population center with our own jobs base and several urban districts. Our future depends on attracting young workers who will help us maintain our community and standard of living. We already have great schools, super parks, beautiful neighborhoods, strong civic groups and lots of environmental resources. What we don’t yet have is a thriving night life. And until we do, young people will choose to live in D.C. or Northern Virginia, depriving us of an opportunity to build our county. Read more »

Our population is growing. Our employment base is growing. The number of people on the move is growing. At the same time, our road network is not growing. Much of our county is built out, and the rural areas in the Agricultural Reserve must and will be protected. We cannot build enough road lanes to meet these demands, nor should we. The future growth of our economy and quality of life depends on walking, biking and transit. Read more »

Transit-Oriented Development
We have to grow our jobs base, provide affordable housing and protect our environment at the same time. The only way to do this is to locate new development near transit. That’s exactly what I have voted to do. Read more »

I have spent much of my career working on issues that are important to youth and seniors. I have worked for AARP on retirement security policy and I also worked with AARP to design a national community service campaign. I have been recognized as a national leader on the fight to protect Social Security for future generations, because I helped stop President George Bush from privatizing that important program. Read more »

Silver Spring Transit Center
On the Silver Spring Transit Center, my actions reflect my values of transparency and accountability. I called for funding for the Inspector General to investigate the debacle, and I agree with the IG’s conclusions that the county needs to change how it handles such projects. I also requested the executive branch to open access to the Metropolitan branch trail on an interim basis, which they then did, which helps at least some residents walking through. Read more »