Child Care & Early Childhood

My wife and I are lucky to have two great sons: Henry (age six) and Travis (age three). Like many parents, I faced challenges in locating high-quality, affordable child care for both of them.

Boy was it tough!

Child care is a problem for everyone. It’s not just the cost. It’s also difficult to find care that suits the differing needs of our families. As a parent of young kids, I live with these challenges every day.

I have taken action along two lines.

First, I introduced and passed a bill to require the county government to examine the feasibility of providing child care in every new building it constructs. Sometimes, including child care may not make sense (such as inside jails). But often it will. Our county now must at least consider it, and the result will be more space for providers.

Second, the process through which child care providers gain access to public space is confusing, vague and flawed. Three different county agencies use three different processes for allocating space. One of them launched a new selection process that was characterized by such arbitrariness that it drew two lawsuits. I am working on getting these processes rationalized and reformed. They need to be fair to parents as well as providers, and the goal should be to get quality child care in as many public facilities as possible.