Smarter Government

Montgomery County’s government is YOUR government. You live here. You pay our taxes. You pay the salaries of each and every public employee, including me. You have a right to know what your government is doing. And I have made protecting that right a central part of my work.

I authored and passed the Open Data Act of 2012, which does two things. First, it establishes a schedule for every county department to publish and update datasets in its possession for public inspection. The county has begun posting datasets including salaries, food inspections, building permits, budget information and service requests here. Second, the act mandates that the county post all Public Information Act requests and responses on its website. The county is in the process of implementing this provision. Our county’s open government efforts have been recognized as best in the nation among jurisdictions with 500,000 or more people by the National Association of Counties.

Another reform I implemented was to ensure that every County Council committee session be videotaped and available on demand. You can see all of our recent sessions here.