Transit-Oriented Development

We have to grow our jobs base, provide affordable housing and protect our environment at the same time. The only way to do this is to locate new development near transit. That’s exactly what I have voted to do.

During this term, the County Council has passed new master plans in transit areas including Chevy Chase Lake, Long Branch, Takoma/Langley, Wheaton and Glenmont. All have provided for additional density near Metro or Purple Line stations. These five plans together allow for more than 15,000 housing units near transit stations at buildout, including more than 4,000 moderately priced or workforce housing units. Redevelopment in Glenmont is projected to add more than 1,400 jobs. Redevelopment in Wheaton would allow up to 3,000 more jobs. Wheaton will also benefit from a new headquarters for Park and Planning, a project I worked on with Council Member Nancy Navarro and County Executive Ike Leggett. Additionally, Wheaton and Glenmont will both be served by new Bus Rapid Transit routes that are currently in design.

It’s not enough to build new projects near transit. These projects must be integrated into a pedestrian- and bike-friendly street network. That’s why Council Member Roger Berliner and I have introduced a new urban road code bill which would establish standards for walkable, bike-oriented streets in urban centers. I hope the County Council passes our bill this year.