Our population is growing. Our employment base is growing. The number of people on the move is growing. At the same time, our road network is not growing. Much of our county is built out, and the rural areas in the Agricultural Reserve must and will be protected. We cannot build enough road lanes to meet these demands, nor should we. The future growth of our economy and quality of life depends on walking, biking and transit.

I am a strong supporter of the Purple Line, the Corridor Cities Transitway and the county’s proposed Bus Rapid Transit system. I also voted for bikeshare and worked to put money for bike lanes into our capital budget. When the administration proposed delaying funding for the South Bethesda Metro entrance – an important link between Metro and the Purple Line – I worked successfully to keep that project on track. And I oppose the construction of a new highway for M-83. A series of intersection improvements and Bus Rapid Transit on MD-355 is a better way to go.

Finally, I have worked hard to build support and funding for the above transit projects. A year ago, they were all in danger. The state had no money to build them and federal deadlines were looming. I worked with the Coalition for Smarter Growth, the Sierra Club, Purple Line NOW, Action Committee for Transit and the business community to assemble Get Maryland Moving, a coalition to pressure the state to increase funding for transportation. The General Assembly wisely voted to approve a funding increase and now those projects are back on schedule – just as we need them to be.