Daily journal, 10-14-11

Today I spent some time in Clarksburg with my friend and planning
board member Casey Anderson and separately with District 2 County
Councilmember Craig Rice.

In this picture, note the grassy expanse in the middle of the picture.
That is where the Clarksburg town center retail center is supposed to
be — the grocery stores and so forth that were promised to the
community and have not been delivered.

The sense I get in that part of the county is that the development
moved way too fast, leaving no room for error. The intention was to
build out to a city of more than 40,000 almost overnight. It was all
predicated on infrastructure that was a long way off, such as the
Corridor Cities Transitway, or may never come at all, such as the “mid
county highway”.

Today, as residents will tell you its a land of broken promises. Not
the only one in Montgomery County, but the wounds are fresh.

This year the Council jumpstarted some convenience retail such as a
grocery store in Clarksburg Village with a zoning change, in response
to a citizen suggestion at a town hall that Craig Rice organized.
Hopefully this will help.