Daily journal, 11-2-11

I started the day at a legislative breakfast on early childhood issues. As a parent of two young boys, I think a lot about the challenges our families face to provide quality child care and basic life skills for their little ones. The highlight for me was hearing comments by Dr. Josh Starr, the new MCPS superintendent. He talked about how hard the schools work to bring every child to a level of readiness to learn and the tremendous disparities that teachers must bridge. Then he said that while some school districts are starting to test kindergartners!, he believes the skills that contribute to the success of the child are not all learned in a book. There are social and behavioral skills that a child must develop early in order to be ready to learn in the first place. This strikes home with me as a parent; I certainly believe that a healthy childhood is the best foundation for academic and life success. I applaud Josh for having the courage to push against the orthodoxy.

This evening featured a town hall on Wheaton community issues. Residents came out to talk about redevelopment and big boxes, the curfew and small businesses. It was a great discussion.

The photo is from the town hall.