How is our night life?

Montgomery County has marvelous suburban neighborhoods that are the envy of our region. We have set aside a huge reserve as countryside dedicated to farming and we have one of the nation’s best park systems. In so many ways, we are ahead of the curve.

But there is a new trend shaping this country — the rebirth of our cities. We are witnessing first hand, for example, DC’s remarkable turnaround.

That’s why I have worked with County Executive Leggett and Councilmember Marc Elrich to establish a night-time economy task force. We’d like the county to be a great place to live for every age group – kids, young people, parents and seniors. Part of that challenge is to establish attractive, fun and safe options for nightlife right here in Montgomery County.

Our task force will seek answers to questions such as:
  • How can we get more great options for dining out? Are our liquor regulations a hindrance?
  • Can we make it easier for business owners to open restaurants or entertainment venues in our business districts?
  • How can we fund improvements to the streets so that they are safer for walking?
  • Where and how can we build public spaces for concerts, markets, festivals and other community events?


We have brought together a unique group of business leaders, residents and content experts to examine these questions and get on the road to building an even more diverse and exciting Montgomery County than what we have today.  

Please take my poll on nightlife issues so I can better understand your perspective.

Here is why this is so important: thanks to our great school system and highly educated residents, we have some of the most talented and capable young people in the country. But providing them with economic and social opportunities that are enough to keep them here in Montgomery County is a challenge that today we are not fully meeting. Statistics show that our county has among the region’s lowest share of young adults, many of whom are highly skilled knowledge workers.

Areas like Silver Spring, Wheaton, Bethesda, Germantown, Rockville and more are good opportunities for us to focus on providing walkable, safe dining and entertainment districts that will attract young workers and strengthen our economy.

Of course, great options for dining and entertainment will appeal to people from just about any generation.

Do you have a great idea that we should consider, or just a thought to share on this topic? I’d love to hear it. Please email me at and please take the poll I have designed to help me understand your perspective on these issues.