Tree Care 101

One of the many great things about Montgomery County is our plentiful green space and robust tree canopy. In addition to removing carbon dioxide from the air, trees purify our water, protect our soil, and cool our neighborhoods on hot summer days.

With my 100,000 trees initiative (pdf), the county is doing its part to reinvigorate the tree canopy that we all enjoy, but did you know that nearly 85% of the trees in the county are on private land? I’m proud of the county’s investment in the future of our tree canopy, but no matter how much we do, a fresher, greener, shadier future will always depend on a partnership between our government and our citizens.

With that in mind, I hope those of you with trees in your yards will consider a trip out to one of Conservation Montgomery’s Tree Care 101 Classes this spring. This is a great opportunity to speak with tree-care professionals about everything you can do to keep your trees healthy and beautiful, and enjoy some fresh air at the same time. You can also organize a class in your neighborhood, so talk to your friends and neighbors, and you can bring the class to you. Maybe I’ll see you there!