Public hearing on new sidewalk snow legislation

Please consider testifying on behalf of legislation that I have introduced, co-sponsored by Councilmember Berliner, to promote sidewalk snow removal.

The bill, 46-16, would establish a commercial-class fine for sidewalk snow removal. This fine would enable the County to levy a fine on commercial property owners up to $500 for not clearing snow (the $500 is a maximum, not a requirement).

While a $50 fine seems adequate for residential properties, it has very little, if any, deterrent effect on commercial property owners. The fine needs to be larger to enable code enforcers to more effectively deal with the problem actors, which are few but have a larger impact.

The Council is holding a public hearing on this bill at 1:30pm on Tuesday, November 29. Please testify. You can sign up online here (look for Bill 46-16).

I am pleased with our progress on sidewalk snow removal, which I addressed in legislation in 2014.

  • MCDOT inventoried all of the County sidewalks and identified which ones the County is responsible for clearing. This information is organized in a GIS layer which I expect (and have requested) will be released soon.
  • In all other cases, the property owner is responsible, as per the original legislation passed by Phil Andrews.
  • In 2015 MCDOT cleared over 50 miles of sidewalks focusing on high traffic pedestrian areas and bus stops.
  • This year MCDOT plans to clear over 320 miles of sidewalk.
  • Urban districts have significantly improved their response with better and more equipment and staff time devoted to removal.
  • In my experience, private property owners are acting with more care and diligence for sidewalk snow removal. County education efforts have made a big impact.

There is, however, more work to do, particularly when it comes to enforcement. Ensuring that the county responds to property owners who do not clear their sidewalks in a timely manner is an area where I think we still have work to do. This legislation will help.

Thank you for your time and consideration.