Riemer elected Council Vice President in 2017

I would like to thank my colleagues on the County Council for placing their trust me in to serve as the Council Vice President in 2017.

Councilmember George Leventhal nominated me for the position. His remarks succinctly described my work at the Council, and I wanted to share them with you.

Following is a video, which we transcribed as well (lightly edited).

I’m delighted to place in nomination Hans Riemer’s name to be our next Council Vice-President. Hans has been an extraordinary leader in digital technology, making sure that the entire County is abreast of 21st century telecommunications, that we provide the benefits of up-to-date telecommunications to all of our residents. Hans has been a particularly strong advocate for the benefits and amenities of urban living and nightlife. He has continually emphasized that we need to make this County attractive to the next generation of skilled workers, including the lifestyle elements that bring people here and make people want to stay. Among those is a more modern approach to liquor control. I enjoyed serving with Hans on the special committee for liquor control. I regret that we were not given the opportunity to implement that committee’s recommendations, and I still think that, had we privatized beer and wine sales as the County Council had recommended, it would have successfully diminished the many complaints that we continue to hear from the retail sector. And we could have continued back and kept reforming, but that did not occur. I was very impressed with the depth and seriousness with which Councilmember Riemer looked into that issue. I was especially impressed when I heard him speak him speak on Kojo Nnamdi’s show about the issue. He exhibited all the qualities that both make him very likeable but also very persuasive that have enabled his constituents and his colleagues to have confidence in his leadership. He takes a very balanced approach to issues. He considers all sides. The highest praise that I can give to a fellow Councilmember is that he is a good colleague. He is available to listen. He is available to work through and discuss the complex, fine points of issues. I know that he will be a good listener as Council Vice President and in any future leadership posts that a future Council or this Council may identify him to serve in. The only disagreement I have with Councilmember Riemer is that he decided to buy a house in Takoma Park. That meant that out of four At-Large Councilmembers, three reside in the same municipality….But I know that his neighbors enjoy having him there, and I also know, more importantly, that he works very hard to represent the interests of the entire County, not any one part of the County. That is the responsibility that falls to all of us who serve in an At-large capacity. With all of that, I place in nomination Hans Riemer’s name for Council Vice President.