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Tuesday is Council session. While this is a very busy week, much of the heavy lifting comes at committee. Council staff is working overtime to review the executive’s budget and prepare recommendations for committee deliberation. At committee is where Councilmembers typically propose additions and reductions to the executive’s budget; all of these potential changes are then resolved through “reconciliation” in mid-May.

Tomorrow the Council will vote on a resolution to proclaim 2018 as the “Year of the Anacostia.” See this fascinating story about the history of river; the County has worked hard in recent years to reduce our pollution into the river. We will also vote on a resolution to develop an equity policy framework for County government.

Council will consider several important appointments to County government, including Commander Marcus Jones, nominated as Assistant Chief of the Police Department. The Council will also hold interviews on an appointment to the Board of Investment Trustees, which oversees the County employee retirement plans.

Finally, a number of public hearings on FY19 budget matters and two pieces of legislation dealing with transportation network companies fees and an economic development strategic plan will be held in the afternoon.

Meanwhile, Council committees will have reached the halfway point in their review of the FY19 budget by the end of this week. This week they will consider funding requests for transportation, snow removal, schools, police, corrections, economic development, environmental protection, solid waste services, and technology services. See the full committee agenda. The Council remains on track to approve the final budget by the end of May.


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…figure out who your district Councilmember is.

The County has five Councilmanic districts that each are represented by one Councilmember. Four at-large Councilmembers represent the entire County. Find out who your district Councilmember is by visiting the Council’s handy “Find My Councilmember” tool. Simply locate your home on the digital map or type in your address. And don’t forget that you are represented by five council members!