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On Tuesday, Council will be in session. We will review and act upon the County employee compensation agreements that have been negotiated by the executive branch and our employee unions.

Then, a joint committee will hold a meeting with representatives from our Board of Investment Trustees, who are responsible for managing our employee pension plan, to discuss fossil fuel divestment. Montgomery County’s pension plan has achieved a 92% funded ratio, putting it in a best in class category.

On Tuesday night the Council will hold a public hearing on a special appropriation to provide legal assistance for low-income County residents without violent criminal convictions who have been detained and face deportation proceedings. While previous administrations have focused immigration enforcement efforts on those that present a public safety threat, law-abiding residents who have not previously been in danger of deportation are now being placed in detention while their cases proceed. The Department of Justice is also ending a program that helps detainees understand their rights.

These are our neighbors, family members, business owners, and employees. Legal representation provides residents with much better odds of avoiding deportation when the law allows them to stay and a judge agrees.

The real solution is comprehensive immigration reform that provides a pathway to citizenship. Nevertheless, the Council is determined to act. It is important to note that the funds will not be available for individuals who have committed any one of a long list of crimes.

Finally, committees continue the heavy lifting on the budget covering important items such as the Department of Recreation, the Maryland National-Capital Park and Planning Commission, the Department of Liquor Control, Arts and Humanities Council, and the Department of Health and Human Services.


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Hans Riemer
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