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Council President’s Message

Here is the Council agenda for our Tuesday session.

We will begin with an interview for a seat on the Housing Opportunities Commission. The Commission plays an important role in the County by building, maintaining, and operating housing for low-income residents. The Council will then recognize October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The Council’s legislative work will focus on the Bicycle Master Plan and a bill concerning labor peace agreements with the County’s trash-hauling contractors.

Bicycle Master Plan

The Council will review the Bicycle Master Plan, a comprehensive proposal that aims to make the County a “world-class bicycling community.” Using an innovative and rigorous analytical framework that measures the level of “stress” to ride a bike on any given street, the plan makes detailed recommendations on the appropriate bicycle infrastructure for each street in the county.

The plan recommends a network of protected bike lanes — lanes where people can bike and ride in a manner that is protected from cars — as well as low-stress routes throughout the County, in our urban centers as well as connecting major activity centers. Generally speaking, the higher the stress of the street (high speeds and heavy traffic) the greater the separation from traffic proposed.

In addition to roadway infrastructure, the plan recommends bicycle parking stations at Red Line, MARC, Purple Line and Rapid Bus stations to make bicycling a viable cog in the County’s transit systems.

The plan is important because it will guide design and capital budget decisions and development plans going forward. When fully built out, the network envisioned by the plan will make biking a real option for cyclists of all ages and experiences in their trips for work, shopping, and recreation.

You can learn more about the plan and view the digital map of the proposed network.

The transportation committee reviewed the plan in two worksessions and recommends approval with amendments.

Bicycle Master Plan Map

Trash haulers “Labor Peace Agreements”
Bill 6-18 aims to prevent interruptions of critical services for residents provided by county contractors, such as trash and recycling pickup, and ensure that any cost increases provided to contractors for labor costs are passed on to workers.

Semi-Annual Report from the Planning Board
Twice a year, the County’s Planning Board comes before the Council to report on their proposed work program and to discuss major planning and parks issues. The Board is expected to review master plans adopted over the last couple years and highlight several award-winning parks projects. You can view the presentation here.

Council prioritizes School Bus Safety
Last week the Council approved a $4.7 million supplemental appropriation for the county’s School Bus Safety Program. The appropriation increases funding for additional safety cameras and other safety mechanisms designed to protect our students. Read more about it here.

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