Jan 19: policy event about accessory dwelling units

On January 19th, at 10am, please join us for a community policy forum on Accessory Dwelling Units, or ADUs. This event will take place in Rockville at the Council hearing room. If you are interested in ADUs and how you can support reforms that are needed to create more ADUs, please attend. You may RSVP here.

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What is an Accessory Dwelling Unit?
Picture an apartment over a garage, or a basement apartment (“English basement), or a “tiny house” on a side lot. An Accessory Dwelling Unit has a full kitchen and a bathroom and a separate entrance. It is a second unit in a house or on a lot.

Why Are ADU’s beneficial?
ADU’s are an important housing solution because they provide

  • Housing for children or grandchildren to live separately but close by.
  • Housing for parents or grandparents to live separately but close by.
  • Additional income for retirees or young families to make housing more affordable.
  • More affordable housing in areas of the County that have become prohibitively expensive.

Why do we need to change the rules for ADU’s?
Montgomery County’s current zoning code views ADU’s more as a nuisance to be prevented than a beneficial solution to be encouraged. ADU’s are not allowed unless an expensive driveway is built, or if there is another ADU down the block, or if the house is newly constructed. We need to look at ADU’s as desirable housing and align our policies to support them.