Vaccination update — pre-register for an appointment

Dear resident:

This week saw a big shift in the state’s vaccination strategy.

On Monday I wrote to you about why we needed to revise the strategy to start administering more doses. I called for the Governor to open up eligibility to age 75+.

Thanks to the Governor’s Thursday announcement, going forward:

  • Residents age 75+ and education sector employees are now eligible (1B).
  • Hospitals, some of which have unused inventory, are now directed to provide doses to 1B eligible residents in the community.
  • Additional retail pharmacies will begin administering doses (though this will be very limited to start).

I think this is all good news because it should result in a more rapid and complete deployment of vaccinations going forward.

For now, the key messages I have for you are:

  • Sign up for County alerts by email or SMS to be notified about availability of clinics and eligibility
  • Pre-register for an appointment now
  • Please be patient because there are not nearly enough doses yet for 1B. We have about 20,000 remaining eligible 1A recipients and 1B includes about 73,000 residents age 75+ as well as tens of thousands of education and child care workers. The County received 6,700 doses this week and has requested 12-15,000 for next week, to arrive Tuesday.

Again, priority group details are available here.

We do not yet know how hospitals will schedule appointments for the community.

If you sign up for alerts you will be notified as information evolves.

Thank you.


P.S., if you are not signed up for email from my office, you may sign up here