A Letter to Forest Glen & Montgomery Hills residents

Residents of Forest Glen & Montgomery Hills reached out to me and I was glad to provide this letter, reprinted below: June 7, 2018 Dear Forest Glen & Montgomery Hills residents, As we embark on a new chapter for your community, I am honored and privileged to have been a part of recent successes affecting this special part of Montgomery County. As County Council President I have:
  • Approved and fully funded the Forest Glen East Metro entrance
  • Supported the Forest Glen and Montgomery Hills Sector Plan
  • Supported Transit Oriented Development and worked to fully fund Metro
And as your At-large member I will make sure that Forest Glen and Montgomery Hills continue on this positive path. I am impressed and encouraged by the strong advocacy I have experienced from your community. I have appreciated the outreach I have received online, in meetings, at house parties, and out and about. It is clear that many residents feel that we can do better. If we work together, I am confident that we can achieve more. If elected I will:
  • Finalize and approve the Forest Glen and Montgomery Hills Sector Plan
  • Work with WMATA to bring Transit Oriented Development with neighborhood amenities
  • Support economic rejuvenation and development at Montgomery Hills
  • Work with SHA to finalize and fund the Georgia Ave Montgomery Hills project
  • Prioritize Pedestrian and Bike Safety
Our county is a special place and Forest Glen and Montgomery Hills represents the future of our county – how we grow, flourish and continue to be a great place to live. In order to do that, we must dedicate resources to these efforts and make sure that our neighborhoods just don’t change for the sake of change – but grow as vibrant communities that serve the people. Sincerely,

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