Daily journal, 10-28-11

I find it harder to do the journal when I’m out at an event until
10pm, as was the case on Wednesday night for the year-out Obama rally
at Blair High School. 1,000 people I am told—awesome showing and due
to the superior organizing of Jason Waskey, Jon Randall, the Obama
fellows, MCDCC members and good Democrats all over the county.

I didn’t catch any of the speeches as I was talking to activist
residents in the back of the hall about issues such as the curfew,
school redistricting, and how to get involved in county affairs. I was
amazed to meet a Silver Spring resident named Robin who had worked as
the regional coordinator for Rock the Vote in 1992!

Today was frenetic with all of the balls that are in the air with the
close out of the year and the legislative term. The proposed CBA
(community benefits agreement) bill is the subject of much discussion.

We are also preparing for a town hall in December and scoping out our
game plan for the Silver Spring Thanksgiving Parade. Hope to see you

Monday is going to be a big day with not only an update from the
Transit Task Force but also the work session on Open Government issues
that I have designed. I’m looking forward to it.

2012 campaign event in North Bethesda

Today I spoke to an energetic group of Democrats active in the
Montgomery County Obama campaign and also Democratic clubs. It was a
great turnout, particularly for 400 days or so out from the election.
My high praise for Jonathan Prutow and his co-conspirator Lisa Jerrum
who put it together along with Jon Randall, who never slowed down
organizing the County after 2008.

My comments focused on the need for Democrats to get their backs up
and get focused on winning. Not whining. Obama has done terrific work
despite an opposition that would sooner destroy our government than
compromise. And he has had to contend with a 60 vote requirement in
the Senate, which is untenable for democratic government to work
properly. Next time you hear a progressive complaining, turn that
conversation around and get them on board! The stakes are too high to
let morale slump.

Here I am with Sarah Wolf, one of my best staffers and organizers in
my 2010 campaign.