How we can make MoCo more affordable

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Dear resident, In my conversations with Montgomery County voters, one issue stands out as a concern for people from many communities: Montgomery County is an expensive place to live. How many retirees could afford to buy the house they live in? How many young people can afford a first home here? These are serious issues for us because we want to …

We have been endorsed by the Sierra Club!

Hans Riemer Environment

I am thrilled to be endorsed by the Sierra Club for re-election to the Montgomery County Council. From their press release: “As the only incumbent running for one of the four at-large seats, Hans Riemer’s experience and commitment to progressive planning, increased transit/bike/pedestrian infrastructure, and other environmental issues is especially valuable. Riemer, who sits on the Planning, Housing and Economic Development …

Protecting our environment

Hans Riemer Environment

My passion for protecting our environment grows from the time I spent in my youth hiking California’s mountain ranges, as well as my sense of justice and fairness for the opportunities that we leave to future generations. My concern for the environment underscores everything that I do at the Council. Some of my accomplishments include: Proposing and funding TreeMontgomery, a …

Three things I’ll be doing this Earth Day

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It’s Earth Day, and as we all appreciate the fantastic parks and green spaces we have here in Montgomery County, I need your support to continue making environmental progress on the County Council.  Here are three top priorities I am working on: 1) Reducing pollution by promoting alternative transportation modes. I advocate smart, sustainable transportation projects like the Purple Line, the …

I voted to protect the creek

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The Ten Mile Creek watershed is a special place and an invaluable environmental resource for Montgomery County, which is why I voted to protect it. Read my blog post on this critical issue below.