Daily journal, 09-12-11

Today starts a week back in session, meaning votes, committee
hearings, policy packets, and so forth! I love the intensity and
structure of the council’s work. I get memos to review and discuss and
then vote on recommendations from our phenomenal professional staff.
Friends often ask what has surprised me most about serving on the
council and I respond with several observations, including the
experience of being supported by a professional council staff (in
addition to my own rock star team). The structure and process of an
independent council staff helps foster a culture of integrity in
Montgomery County Government that serves our residents well. There is
still plenty of room for politics of course but also an assurance that
many key issues will be raised.

This week the new Fillmore opens in Silver Spring. Not sure I will be
making many shows until the kids get a little older but I’m excited to
see what this does for the county.