Thanksgiving Day Parade Photos

My thanks to all of the volunteers who came out yesterday to join us in the Thanksgiving Day Parade on Georgia Avenue in Silver Spring.
At dinner tonight, a friend asked me, “Why do you do the parade?” I responded that it gives residents a chance to see me personally and I can present a little bit of who I am by the effort that I make. This year, thanks particularly to the excellent staff work of Valeria Carranza on my team, and her partner Lauren Wetherell, we had engaging signs that expressed a view on issues or informed residents about accessing their government.
Some examples:

“Libraries are for everyone” … “MoCo 4 All: Suburban, Rural, Urban”… “Purple Line, Greener Future”… “Don’t know who to call? Call 311″…

It was fun. Plus I love any council activity that I can do with my family. Here I am with my wonderful wife and our two boys, Henry (age 4) and Travis (10 months).