New technology coming to Montgomery County Public Schools

As an at-large Councilmember, I believe it is my responsibility to keep abreast on how we can best merge technology and innovation in all of areas of county wide policy. Recently, there was a lot of discussion surrounding the Montgomery County Public Schools supplemental spending request for Technology Modernization. In fact, I received plenty of outreach from many resident and parents who strongly supported the request and I want to thank you for writing to me. Your views helped to inform my decision and I was proud to vote “yes” for the ~ $2 million appropriation.

The program will procure Promethean Boards for our elementary public school classrooms. The initial purchase is expected to put up to 2,000 of these boards across our 130+ elementary schools.  Deployment will begin in weeks.  Right now, at the elementary level, 34 schools have no Promethean systems and 80 schools have fewer than 10 boards.  Promethean Boards will make learning more enjoyable for the students and more efficient for their teachers, and using digital media technology effectively is an essential skill in today’s economy.
The appropriation will also be used to install wireless internet networks in all schools, serving to help shift our schools to a more digital curriculum and content. Only 11 of the 25 high schools and 31 of the 132 elementary schools have wireless connectivity. Installing wireless universally will allow us to use different kinds of devices in a more agile manner.
As your council member, I am fully committed to sustaining Montgomery County’s educational excellence. 
Thank you for your support.