Grassroots Support Lifts Councilmember Hans Riemer Over Public Finance Threshold

More than 250 county residents have donated more than $20,000 to Riemer’s campaign, which will qualify him for public matching funds ROCKVILLE, MD., June 27, 2017 — With hundreds of county residents providing grassroots donations to his campaign, Montgomery County Council Vice President Hans Riemer (D – At Large), announced that he has sufficient community support to qualify for public matching funds on the first day of filing. In order to qualify as a public finance candidate, an At-large Council candidate must have donations from at least 250 county residents, totaling $20,000. The qualification period opened on June 24, 2017. In making the announcement, Riemer said, “The only way change ever happens through politics is when people work together towards a common goal. Montgomery County’s new reformed campaign system enables residents of all backgrounds to work together to elect candidates who will be accountable to them. It is also a great way for candidates to steer clear of the influence of big money in politics.” Working with grassroots activists, Riemer organized house parties, bbqs, coffees and bike rides and reached out online to talk with county residents about the big impact they can have as small donors. “As I have worked to build grassroots support to qualify for public matching funds, I have had so many helpful discussions about county issues. Residents have responded very positively and provided input to the agenda I have set for my council office, including
  • Creating awesome urban areas that provide a marvelous quality of life for all of us while directing development where we have the best infrastructure and smallest environmental impact
  • Fighting for better education by reducing class size and expanding school construction
  • Protecting our climate with smart growth, clean energy, tree canopy and anti-litter reforms
  • Boosting childcare, afterschool programs and early childhood services, particularly for lower income families
  • Leading the push to support walking, biking and public transportation
  • Standing strong to improve our libraries, parks, services for the vulnerable, senior transportation
  • Creating economic opportunities by supporting our cybersecurity, biotech and STEM job sectors, local manufacturing, breweries, and nightlife to attract and retain talent
  • Making the tough choices on fiscal policy to manage our resources responsibly
  • Working tirelessly to promote opportunity for ALL our residents
I am grateful for the opportunity to run as a public finance candidate,” said Riemer, “and I look forward to the year ahead as I move from meeting the threshold to fully funding the campaign.”
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