Have you been to Carderock Springs?

Have you been to Carderock Springs? What an absolutely incredible neighborhood. I am so grateful to Tara VanToai and her husband Norman for organizing a house party for me meet neighbors and friends at their beautiful home — folks who exemplify every great facet of our county. We had government scientists and researchers, a college professor (who taught my brother Neal Riemer at GW!), MCPS students, a man who shared his story of coming to Montgomery County from Vietnam penniless and who is now a successful businessman, community organizers and leaders such as Michael C Lin, friends who are building global economic consulting businesses here and working to help Montgomery County benefit from their enterprise, neighborhood activists who have been involved in their community for decades, making it a better place to live. I enjoyed our discussion and commented on how thrilling it is to be held accountable to such a remarkable community of people– this is what Montgomery County is all about. Hans Riemer
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