Here’s How I Am Working for a Better Montgomery County

Here is my record and positions on many key issues.
To review more of my work at the County Council, read my blog.  - Hans

Hans Riemer is A Champion For

  • Creating thriving urban areas that provide a marvelous quality of life for residents of every age while directing development where we have the best infrastructure and smallest environmental impact
  • Fighting for better education by reducing class size and expanding school construction to meet our surging enrollment
  • Protecting our climate with smart growth, clean energy, tree canopy and anti-litter reforms
  • Boosting childcare, afterschool programs and early childhood services, particularly for lower income families
  • Leading the push to support walking, biking and public transportation
  • Standing strong to improve our libraries, parks, services for the vulnerable, and senior transportation
  • Creating economic opportunities by supporting our cybersecurity, biotech and STEM job sectors, local manufacturing, breweries, and nightlife to attract and retain talent
  • Making the tough choices on fiscal policy to manage our resources responsibly
  • Working tirelessly to promote opportunity for ALL our residents.