Here’s How I Am Working for a Better Montgomery County

Childcare, pre-k and early education

As a parent, I know first hand the challenge of finding affordable child care, as well as the difference that it makes. That is why I have championed policies to support the child care providers we all rely upon as well as create opportunities for low income children to get access to care when otherwise they would not have any. With nearly 70% of our low income (FARMS) students starting kindergarten “not ready” to learn, according to the Maryland Family Network, we must act urgently to invest in early childhood education, as our entire education system faces the consequences. That is why I led the fight to make Head Start a full day program in 2017, a big change that will benefit communities all over Montgomery County, following upon legislation I passed requiring the County to develop a strategic plan for child care.

Now is the time for us to:

  1. Make a major investment in pre-kindergarten readiness for 4 year olds so that quality programs are affordable for everyone
  2. Invest in targeted programs for our lowest income children, age 1, 2 and 3
  3. Help providers get access to public and private space and invest in quality facilities