Here’s How I Am Working for a Better Montgomery County


As a parent of two MCPS students, I want for all children what I want for my own: the opportunity to fulfill their potential. Strengthening education is my highest priority. I have championed funding decisions to prioritize class size reduction and new school construction. In the past two years, thanks to the Council’s funding decisions, MCPS has hired more than 1,200 new teachers and other staff members to meet our enrollment challenges.

Technology is transforming the learning environment, and we must stay at the cutting edge. To that end, I have led the Council’s efforts in bringing the latest technology to the classroom, which includes extending high-speed internet connectivity to every school, supporting the use of  Promethean boards and chromebooks, and working to make sure every student has access to high-speed internet outside the classroom.  Creating opportunity for children also requires thinking outside the classroom. I have successfully secured additional investments in innovative after-school programs, including coding, makers programs, academic support, and sports.

We are moving aggressively to improve Montgomery County’s schools. But our work is not done. We must:

  1. Continue funding class size reduction
  2. Devote more funds to school construction
  3. Increase funding from the State of Maryland
  4. Provide universal after school and summer programs
  5. Strengthen STEM education and job readiness

In fact the list of important policy initiatives surrounding education is much longer than this. Health and special education, for example, are major priorities for the county. Montgomery College is also a major priority, as the Council funds most of the College’s budget and the county’s per-student investment in Montgomery College has gone up by more than 50% since the recession.