Here’s How I Am Working for a Better Montgomery County

Getting Big Money out of politics

We can not achieve our goals without buy-in from an informed and engaged political community. That is why I am participating in the county’s new public finance program, which only allows small donations from real people, no PACs or corporate entities. The County Council should always put the interests of our community first. Over the years this has not always been the case, as when zoning rights have been extended to developers despite environmental concerns or when county spending on employee compensation has increased at an unaffordable rate. Our new public finance system will strengthen the independence of the council and help ensure that the decisions we make are in the best interests of the residents. As one of the councilmembers who pushed hard to create our system in 2014, I am enthusiastically running as a candidate in the system in 2018. The challenge of raising small donations is significant, but every new supporter represents a chance to strengthen our county politics.