Here’s How I Am Working for a Better Montgomery County


As a Councilmember, I respect and value every voice in Montgomery County and I believe that everyone has something to contribute. I believe that my job as your elected official is to listen to everyone before making a decision, to take everyone’s concerns seriously and treat everyone’s voice with respect, and to respond however I can while staying true to the progressive values that I am elected to advance. That is what inclusion means to me.

As national political leaders try to target many of neighbors for exclusion and isolation, it is more important than ever that Montgomery County, Maryland remains an inclusive community where everyone feels valued and welcome. Our progressive values are our strength and so we must:

  1. Continue opposing the Trump/Sessions demand to use our local police department to enforce federal immigration law. We are all safer when everyone in our community feels safe calling the police to report crime and every person deserves protection from violence. We should continue to challenge Trump immigration policies in court when they threaten our values
  2. Support nonprofits that provide services to new immigrant communities and expand the County’s non-English communication; strengthen programs in schools for new immigrant children and continue expanding health services for low-income families, including residents who are undocumented; ensure that our County’s workforce reflects the County’s diversity.
  3. Support affordable housing in every community to mitigate the concentration of poverty, and make sure that the same great schools and government services are available in every community.