Here’s How I Am Working for a Better Montgomery County

Jobs, economic competitiveness and vibrant downtowns

Without a stable and growing base of high-paying jobs, Montgomery County will not be able to fund our schools, parks, and libraries; and more importantly our families will not be able to provide for themselves. I am pleased that today, thanks to changes made by the Council, the county’s economic development and workforce development programs, long neglected, are now run by nonprofits bringing together professionals and leaders in the business community. It's a great start in a new direction.

Montgomery County’s biotech / life sciences industry is strong and growing, with global powerhouses such as GlaxoSmithKline announcing their plan to make Montgomery County the global hub for research on vaccines. While the County has gotten started on programs to build a cybersecurity here industry, we have a lot more to do. And we must do more generally to support local manufacturing and production. I am championing policies in all of these areas.

Our strongest economic development resource and the one that we must continue to invest in, is our workforce, which is highly educated and attractive to great companies. Our work to revolutionize Montgomery County’s approach to workforce development is proceeding successfully but is only in beginning stages.

Thanks to the rise of urbanism, our economic development success in the next decade is increasingly dependent on our thriving downtowns. Innovative and growing companies want to be where they can find a creative workforce, and the workforce wants to be where it has the right quality of life.

I have been the Council’s strongest champion for creating thriving urban areas through zoning, transit, liquor reform, historic preservation and cultural amenities, placemaking, parks, bike and pedestrian infrastructure, food trucks, and super fast internet. 

We have more to do to successfully attract young workers and keep our empty nesters so that companies will find the workforce that they need right here in Montgomery County.