Here’s How I Am Working for a Better Montgomery County


Seniors have as much to gain as anyone from the positive changes that are taking place in Montgomery County, but they have unique concerns about affordability, transportation and quality of life.  As a passionate advocate for creating vibrant urban communities, I also believe that the vision of a walkable community is one that brings together generations. Montgomery County’s unique blend of suburban and increasingly walkable urban communities creates fantastic opportunities for seniors to live here. Unlike many big cities, our downtowns are also for empty nesters and people of every age! I embrace the vision that Montgomery County should be “a community for a lifetime,” and I work towards that goal at the County Council by:

  1. Strengthening transportation by understanding and building a comprehensive system including public transportation and escorted transportation, to help seniors continue to live independently
  2. Supporting senior villages, which are grassroots, community based groups that create wonderful positive social networks and provide daily services for older residents
  3. Expanding “fellows” programs with county government to bring seniors into county service opportunities
  4. Supporting developments using county land that provide affordable housing for seniors
  5. Improving affordability for increasing property tax credits for low-income seniors

Having spent much of my career fighting to protect Social Security, and having worked to promote community volunteeerism for AARP, the needs of our seniors are always a consideration in my work at the County Council.