Here’s How I Am Working for a Better Montgomery County

Transparency and government modernization

In our digital age, residents have high expectations for the accessibility of information. That is why I introduced and passed the “Open Data Act” in 2012. The positive impact of this law continues to grow every year, as Montgomery County has become one of the country’s leading local governments in the Open Data movement. Do you want to better understand how our county spends tax revenue? Take a look at our nationally acclaimed budget transparency tool and our spending transparency tool. See our database of public records requests, and see how open data will be used to advance our VisionZero road safety campaign. More examples abound at the open data portal.

As Council President, I am launching an initiative to make the Council’s work more accessible by improving our website, allowing residents to subscribe to real-time email updates on legislation, and ensuring all documents are public and searchable. Several years ago, I insisted that the Council videotape and livestream all Council work, including all Committee sessions, and I continue to hear from residents who watch our proceedings on the web. I recall that when I proposed doing that, I was warned that Council members would oppose such a change because critics could use the footage against them. And certainly some people have tried to do that to me!