Here’s How I Am Working for a Better Montgomery County


As our population grows, we are all more challenged to get where we want to go. As one of the council’s transportation policy leaders, I have championed innovative approaches to promote our resident’s mobility including:

  1. Cooperatively funding and reforming Metro
  2. Requiring new development to reduce dependence on cars
  3. Traffic signals using adaptive intelligence to improve flow
  4. Incentives for employers to promote alternatives to driving such as telecommuting and public transportation
  5. Building protected bike infrastructure such as new networks in downtown Silver Spring (a pilot for county-wide application), White Flint and Bethesda
  6. New rapid bus options on MD 355, MD 29 and MD 586 (with service levels ranging from “limited stop express” to “bus rapid transit”)
  7. Snow removal from sidewalks

In the coming years I look forward to monitoring the progress of construction on the Purple Line, which I fought hard for, as well as working to ensure that the State follows through on a plan to invest in 270, including unlocking the American Legion bridge to Northern Virginia, while fighting to make that plan multi-modal so that the investment benefits everyone. We must also work to revive state interest in making MARC a more valuable commuter rail system.

We urgently need more transportation infrastructure and we need to reduce the growth in auto traffic by creating alternatives to driving.