NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland Endorsement

I am glad to say I have had the chance to put my values into action on women’s health and reproductive freedom issues. In particular, I was able to work closely with my friend, constituent and national leader Kim Gandy, in her work as VP of the Feminist Majority Foundation, to ensure that women were safe as anti-abortion protests mounted against the health clinic where Dr. Leroy Carhart practices in Germantown. The county responded well to that situation thanks to the effective outreach of advocates such as Ms. Gandy, the good work of our police department, and the support of elected leaders. My commitment to choice and to NARAL specifically is also a family value for me: my wife Angela Walker RiemerĀ is a past member of the board of directors of NARAL Pro-Choice America, as well as the Planned Parenthood Action Fund Board of Directors. Go team!


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