Protecting our environment

My passion for protecting our environment grows from the time I spent in my youth hiking California’s mountain ranges, as well as my sense of justice and fairness for the opportunities that we leave to future generations. My concern for the environment underscores everything that I do at the Council. Some of my accomplishments include:
  1. Proposing and funding TreeMontgomery, a county initiative to restore and grow our tree canopy
  2. Protecting Ten Mile Creek, one of our highest quality streams, from overdevelopment
  3. Banning polystyrene (aka Styrofoam) products that litter our waterways
  4. Accelerating the County’s adoption of 100% renewable energy for government operations
  5. Protecting our plastic bag fee, which has reduced litter in waterways
  6. Opposing water and sewer in areas of the county that have been designated for septic in order to limit development
  7. Supporting housing and transportation policies that reduce emissions and reduce our impact on climate change
Currently I am chairman of the regional government organization, the Metropolitan Washington Air Quality Committee, where I work towards eliminating unhealthy air days. I look forward to continuing that work and deepening my policy development at the County Council in the coming years.
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