When something needs fixing…

This President’s Day, I was reminded of comments by Barack Obama, whom I served as National Youth Vote Director, when young voters helped lift him to victory in the 2008 election. In President Obama’s farewell address, he said,

“If something needs fixing, then lace up your shoes and do some organizing.”

And indeed, this week has shown once again how powerful the voices of students can be. From immigration to gun safety, young people are organizing and leading us towards the change that we need. With that same spirit I am running for re-election as a public finance candidate, working to build an alternative to the status quo of big money in politics. And I am grateful to the hundreds of you that have joined us.

Common Cause recently released a report on our innovative Public Elections law, stating that “Other counties, cities and states should look to Montgomery County as an example of how to take effective and substantial action on campaign finance reform.” We’ve had many house parties and outreach events and planning for many, many more in the coming months.

And we want you to get involved, too.

Please consider signing up and we’ll contact you to find out how you might want to support our dynamic grassroots organization. Whether organizing a house party, delivering yard signs, marching in parades or knocking on doors, we have something for everyone in our grassroots organization. Don’t have time but still want to support? Make your grassroots contribution here.   Thank you,
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