Thank you CASA In Action!

Representing you by fighting for our inclusive values and immigrant communities is one of my highest priorities on the County Council.
That means strengthening education, including ESOL.
Supporting community health clinics that provide affordable care for those not covered by Obamacare.
Investing in public transportation.
Establishing that our police department will never enforce federal immigration policy.
Providing immigration legal assistance for detained residents.
Embracing a vision that it is “residents”’ who count not “citizens”.
Fighting gangs like MS-13 with prevention and prosecution.
Providing in-county tuition rates at Montgomery College for DREAMers.
Raising the minimum wage.
Using my voice to say, “no matter where you’re from we are glad you’re here.”
These are just some of the programs in our community to make Montgomery County the successful and welcoming place that it is — and now to fight back against Donald Trump’s racist, anti-immigrant, anti-American agenda — and because I support them ALL it is with great pride that I accept the endorsement of Casa de Maryland, the leading voice for immigrants in Montgomery County!
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