Three things I’ll be doing this Earth Day

It’s Earth Day, and as we all appreciate the fantastic parks and green spaces we have here in Montgomery County, I need your support to continue making environmental progress on the County Council.  Here are three top priorities I am working on:

1) Reducing pollution by promoting alternative transportation modes. I advocate smart, sustainable transportation projects like the Purple Line, the Corridor Cities Transitway, Bus Rapid Transit, and Capital Bikeshare, and have fought to see them funded. These projects will cut greenhouse gas emissions and ease traffic by getting cars off the roads during peak traffic hours.

2) Putting new buildings and housing where it is most environmentally responsible. As Montgomery County’s population continues to grow, we must rise to the challenge of ensuring new development is undertaken with the environment in mind. By keeping housing and retail projects close to public transportation hubs, we can minimize their environmental impact and create urban communities that are walkable and green.

3) Planting trees for future generations. I am working with County Executive Leggett to launch a tree planting campaign. I voted for both bills to protect and replenish our tree canopy. Development doesn’t have to compromise Montgomery County’s natural beauty or public resources, and our children will thank us for abundant trees, clean water, and fresh air.

Please help me continue to advocate for priorities that will make Montgomery more environmentally friendly in 2024 than it is today. Let’s look back ten years from now and be amazed by how far we have come. I need your help to get the word out, and I hope I can count on your vote on June 24th.

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