Top Democrats Endorse County Council President Hans Riemer for Re-Election

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Top Democrats Endorse County Council President Hans Riemer for Re-Election

Van Hollen, Raskin, Leggett, Nancy King, Shane Robinson among electeds to back Riemer for June 2018 primary


Rockville, MD – Montgomery County Council President Hans Riemer starts off 2018 with a round of endorsements from all-star Democratic elected officials.

Riemer announced support from US Senator Chris Van Hollen and US Representative Jamie Raskin, both beloved champions for Democratic voters in Montgomery County.

Joining Van Hollen and Raskin are the Chairs of the Maryland Senate and House Delegations from Montgomery County, Sen. Nancy King (D-39) and Rep. Shane Robinson (D-39), and a growing list of Senators and Delegates.

Rounding out the list of top leaders, Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett endorsed Riemer.

“Hans Riemer has a strong track record of standing up for our Democratic and community values, and I am proud to support his re-election to the County Council,” said Senator Chris Van Hollen. “The Montgomery County Council needs experienced local officials like Hans who know how to provide progressive leadership in these challenging times.”

County Executive Ike Leggett praised Riemer by saying, “I strongly support Hans for re-election because not only does he know the county budget and have the experience the Council will need going forward, but he has his fingers on the pulse of our community and is driving positive change for residents in Montgomery County.”

Riemer, the only incumbent seeking re-election as an At Large County Councilmember, will be distinguished by his broad support and experience in a dynamic race that has reached 30 declared candidates for four seats.

Representative Jamie Raskin endorsed Riemer and stated, “In these tough and turbulent times, we need effective progressive leaders working together at all levels of government. I’m proud to be represented by Hans Riemer in the Montgomery County Council and I am excited for what his energetic and experienced leadership will bring in the next term.”

In receiving the endorsements, Riemer said, “I am grateful for the strong support of our community’s most prominent elected leaders. Working together, we can ensure that Montgomery County is a place we can all be proud to live in.”

The growing list of elected endorsements includes Maryland Delegate Al Carr (D-18), Delegate Marc Korman (D-16), Delegate Eric Luedtke (D-14), Senator Roger Manno (D-19), Delegate David Moon,(D-20), Delegate Marice Morales (D-19), Delegate Kirill Reznik (D-39), Senator Will Smith (D-20), and Senator Craig Zucker (D-14).