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From education and seniors to transportation and nightlife, learn where Hans stands on the biggest issues facing Montgomery County.

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Montgomery County is a dynamic and diverse community. As your councilmember, my goal is to make sure Montgomery County is always a place we are proud to call home.

Our great schools, educated workforce, beautiful parks, thriving downtowns, progressive values and inclusive neighborhoods are our greatest strengths. We have challenges, too, to meet the changing needs of our community. We must:

  • Improve educational opportunities, from early childhood to career
  • Invest in transportation infrastructure and create new modes of travel
  • Promote housing affordability
  • Compete more effectively for high paying jobs
  • Attract young workers and support our seniors

We can accomplish these goals together. Because Big Money has too much influence in politics, I am running for re-election as a public finance candidate. I will take no funds from PACs, corporate entities or any contribution larger than $150. I ask for your support to keep us moving forward together.”

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2 years ago
Proposal to Name New High School for Josiah Henson | Hans Riemer, Councilmember

Josiah Henson is one of the great unsung heroes of Montgomery County. He lived and labored in the area where Tilden Middle School now stands on what was once the Riley Farm located just west of Old ... See more

I have joined with the First Lady of Montgomery County Catherine Leggett to send a letter to the President and Vice President of the Board of Education, Michael Durso and Shebra Evans, urging ... See more

2 years ago

PUSHING BACK at the FCC. As the FCC gears up to try to remove local authority over our own right-of-way for mobile communications infrastructure siting, we met with GOP appointee Commissioner Brendan ... See more

2 years ago
RCV for Montgomery County

Were you satisfied with how you were able to express your preferences in this last election? Me neither.

Ranked choice voting came before the Council as state legislation to support/oppose this ... See more

Check out the editorial the Washington Post wrote endorsing ranked choice voting in Montgomery County!

"A better selection process is one we endorsed before the Montgomery County election took ... See more

2 years ago
Hans Riemer

Loved making this new campaign video and how it brings out different voices in Montgomery County... Huge thanks to Emily, Mitch, Peggy, and Tracey for joining us!

Hans Riemer is working to make Montgomery County a place we are all proud to call home.

2 years ago
For universal pre-k, start with low income kids. - Hans Riemer

For universal pre-k, start with low income kids.

I believe that creating opportunity for children is one of local government’s most urgent responsibilities. Not only to promote inclusion and equity, but because our world’s challenges are too ... See more

2 years ago
Senator Chris Van Hollen endorses Hans Riemer

Senator Chris Van Hollen exemplifies Montgomery County’s progressive Democratic politics. When he first ran for Congress, he established himself as “the candidate for people who care about ... See more

2 years ago
Hans Riemer

What do you think folks!

Real Progress. Real Leadership. Re-elect Hans Riemer Montgomery County Council At-Large.

2 years ago
Photos from Hans Riemer's post

We had an awesome time in White Flint last night talking about keeping our students safe, promoting housing affordability, and how to fulfill the smart growth vision of Rockville Pike and the County ... See more

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